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LifeClinic is one of the first fully integrated health and vitality centres of its kind in Hong Kong, focusing on treating all aspects of aging. We provide assessment, treatment and services for both internal and external anti-aging, including hormone balancing, nutritional support, aesthetic and cosmetic treatments to help our clients live healthy, energetic, confident lives, no matter what age they are.

Our team of experienced doctors and practitioners have years of experience in treating aging both internally and externally. Our doctors and practitioners are trained internationally and implement anti-aging treatment approaches from Europe, USA, Korea and Japan.


Our Anti-Aging Therapy is based on the three R’s approach: Reduce, Repair & Rebuild the body to youthful levels

REDUCE Inner Aging

We use advances in Internal Anti-aging medicine to slow down the rate of aging by addressing the root causes. This may involve nutritional and lifestyle assessments, supplement support, hormone balancing or detoxification of heavy metals and environmental chemicals.

REPAIR External Signs of Aging

We use External Aesthetic medicine to help repair the damage done to the skin and body through years of sun exposure, smoking, pollutants, and unbalanced lifestyles. For those looking for quicker solutions, we offer Cosmetic surgery.

REBUILD Damaged Cells

One of the most cutting-edge fields of medicine is Regenerative medicine, which uses growth factors from sources like placenta, platelets, and stem cells, to stimulate growth and repair damaged tissue. Although still in its infancy, there are safe and effective treatments available today to regenerate the skin and lost hair.

LifeClinic brings together the world’s latest technologies with industry-leading medical doctors, professors and scientists to set a new standard of medical care.

Our aim is to achieve superior results for our patients through enhancing conventional practice with advances in innovative medicine and evidence-based complementary therapies.

LifeClinic focuses on providing specialty medical services including:

  • Integrative Medicine
  • Anti-aging Medicine
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Functional Medicine
  • Integrative Oncology

Our vision is that one day, all clinics will integrate preventative anti-aging treatments in their daily practice so that more people in their middle to late years can live happier, healthier, more beautiful lives.

We aim to be one of the pioneering clinics of this new kind of practice for others to follow and emulate.


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