Staying Young, Healthy and Vibrant through Chinese Medicine

In this seminar by Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Stanley Cheung, you will learn how this ancient Chinese therapy has helped millions of people… Date: Wednesday, 20th July 2011

Symptoms of aging

Symptoms of aging

For most people, aging occurs imperceptibly in the 30’s, becomes apparent in the 40’s and accelerates in the 50’s. Some believe this is simply evolutionary design, as the body moves beyond its reproductive usefulness and begins to wind down.

What Causes Aging?

What Causes Aging?

There are several theories as to why we age. The two most generally accepted by scientists are the Free Radical Theory and the Hormone Theory. Free Radical Theory A free radical is an atom or molecule which has an unpaired electron in the outer...

What Can We Do About Aging?

What Can We Do About Aging?

While aging is a natural process, medical advancement and increased awareness in health and nutrition, can now enable us to alleviate many of the symptoms that accompany it. It is possible to slow down the rate of further damage and reverse some...

Top Asia models Jocelyn and Anthony partner up with Life Clinic

Celebrity model couple Jocelyn Luko and Anthony Sandstrom have partnered up with the Life Clinic. Jocelyn and Anthony credit their phenonmenal modeling success to having a healthy lifestyle, keeping a positive mindset, and being passionate about...

TVB Pearl filming Tatoo Removal at the Life Clinic

TVB Pearl Report filmed a documentary on Tatoo Removal at the Life Clinic. The documentary ‘Ink on, ink off’  was aired on 17th October 2011.

Detox and Weight Loss in Global Health & Travel magazine

Life Clinic nutritionist Miles Price talks about Detox and Weight Loss in ‘Global Health & Travel’ magazine (Autumn 2011). Read full article (pdf)

New Anti-aging Treatment to Firm & Soften Your Skin in 15 Minute

The Life Clinic is glad to announce as one of the first clinics in Hong Kong to provide this revolutionary treatment: INNOFILL RF Firming!

Is aging inevitable? The truth about turning back the clock.

A common perception among many is that the aches and pains that come with aging are an inescapable part of getting older and that we have to just accept them. Dr Stephen Chan disagrees. “The most widespread misconception about getting older is...

Dr. Stephen Chan joined as an Advisory Board Members of Healthy Living Asia Magazine

Life Clinic Medical Director Dr Stephen Chan joined as an advisory board members of Healthy Living Asia Magazine.(Jan 2015). (read the page)    

The Latest in Anti-aging Skin Technology, VENUS VIVA, Has Just Arrived in Life Clinic

The latest in anti-aging skin technology, VENUS VIVA, has just arrived in Life Clinic. It is a revolutionary skin rejuvenating medical device that significantly reduces facial wrinkles, fine lines and skin irregularities…

It started with a “Yes” that changed Joey Chu’s beauty regime

 A caring, down-to-earth, friend magnet, Joey is a busy Assistant Manager and Beauty Therapist for Life Clinic that has transformed her beauty and health routine in order to look her best for her big day in December...

3 Easy Steps to Lose Weight

Made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight?  These 3 Easy Steps will help you!

Burn fat or tighten loose skin with NO stress

Have trouble losing those few extra pounds, or hate those saggy areas on your face and neck? Venus Legacy may be the answer for you. Check out our latest body firming treatment:   Venus Legacy is a non-invasive, pain-less treatment used to tone...

Non-Surgical Hair Regrowth Therapy

Hair loss is an increasingly common problem for both men and women. It will affect around two thirds of men aged over 35, and about half of women by the time they turn 50. Hair loss can have a huge impact on individuals, causing stress...

Optimizing ageing with Nutrition, Hormonal Control and Exercise Science

How can you control the number one hormone related to ageing?What two hormones do you need to reduce to protect you from cancer and heart disease?How do muscles protect us from ageing, and how do they stimulate our hormones?Join us for a FREE...

Look Younger This Mother’s Day

Sagging face, hollow eyes, stubborn wrinkles…those signs are pretty annoying as they make you look tired and old. And it’s especially common for those busy mothers who need to take care everyone in the family and the stressful parents...