Sabrina Caderas

Country: Switzerland
Languages: English, German and Swiss German
Years of Experience: 14 years
Sabrina obtained her Medical Practice Manager degree from Bénédict Schools in Zurich, Switzerland. She completed the Specialised Surgery Technician (FOT) higher diploma at Careum Education Centre as well as the Practical Medical Assistant (MPA) certificate at Juventus Schools in Switzerland.

Sabrina is an experienced professional with a broad-based background across different roles in the healthcare/medical industry.

In her previous jobs, she has covered various aspects of management, marketing, administration, and medical responsibilities mostly in private clinics in Switzerland and – for the last 5 years – in Hong Kong.

Her education and training have allowed her to continuously work on staying up to date with a changing environment, and to keep on learning and improving her skills.

Specific topics of expertise:
– Internal/External Anti-Aging
– Cosmetic Surgery

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