Comprehensive Hormone Tests

This provides an in depth analysis of all your major hormones to see if they are in balance.

Program includes:

  • Salivary and blood tests for male and female sex hormones, stress hormones, sleep hormone, growth hormone and thyroid hormones.
  • Initial physician’s consultation and follow-up with results

What people are saying:

“The treatment is extremely effective. I knew I had some health issues but it wasn’t definitive as I did not have any physical pain or severe symptoms. I only knew something was wrong with me. My hair was coming out in clumps to the point I lost half my hair, my nails were brittle, I had no energy, no motivation, no drive, I gained weight steadily and overall, I looked awful no matter how much I slept or how healthy my diet was. My quality of life was steeply declining as I had no desire to see friends, socialize and I noticed significant change in my moods and personality.

Physically, I was not in pain but I just felt awful during my waking hours and I did not know what was wrong with me. After a series of tests and a lot of consultation time with doctor at Life Clinic, we finally came to the diagnosis of hormone imbalance and adrenal fatigue and he worked with me on a prescriptive plan to restore my health. Aside from recommending a combination of very high quality supplements and products, doctor spent many hours educating me on the causes, explaining how the supplements work and taking my illness seriously.

Over a six month period, following Dr’s regime and professional advice, my health has restored and he has literally given my life back. I am back to my old self, full of energy, vitality and looking so much more healthy and rejuvenated. My hair has grown back, my nails are now strong and healthy and I can exercise again and do all the things I used to do without feeling completely depleted and exhausted.”

Aside from doctor, I am also very well looked after by the clinic staff every time I visit. Their friendly welcome , professional discretion as well as sincere care for patients make it a lot easier when going in for treatments, tests and take the stress away from an otherwise uncomfortable situation. I love the treatment and absolutely will recommend this treatment to a friend.”

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