External Aesthetics Treatments

Aesthetic medicine is the science of reducing the signs of aging on the outside of the body.

Reducing wrinkles, blemishes, hair loss or unwanted body fat are all possible with Aesthetic treatments, creating firmer and brighter skin, with healthier hair and a desirable body shape. It is a mixture of Art and Science, and when engaging in such treatments it is important to have the right balance of both.

These are just some of the Aesthetic treatments we offer at LifeClinic:

LifeClinic Anti-Aging


Wrinkles are the top skin complaint associated with aging. They range from fine lines that may only be noticeable sometimes, to deep creases or folds that are permanently present.

Whether you have fine lines, deep wrinkles, creases or sagging, our range of services address all skin types and can be applied on the face or the body.

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Pigmentation is the development of dark spots or patches on the skin’s surface. At a cellular level this occurs as a result of an excess production of melanin by our melanocyte cells.

Our powerful technologies zero in on the pigmented areas to break down the melanin and reveal a brighter more even skin tone.

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Anti Aging in Hong Kong - cosmetic surgery


Healthy youthful skin is typically described as smooth, glowing and flawless. With sun exposure, acne, and the force of gravity, our skin surface becomes stretched and our pores become visible.

Our services smooth out skin and reduce the appearance of large pores and other blemishes including acne scars.

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Collagen is a fibrous protein that cross-links beneath the skin’s surface to provide structural support and elasticity. Gradual loss of collagen as we get older leads to sagging, wrinkles, sunken eyes, and thin-looking skin.

Thankfully, there are several treatments that can boost the skin’s production of collagen naturally for firmer and smoother skin.

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Typically we think of the face as showing the first signs of aging. However, even with a youthful complexion other aspects of our appearance can age us.

Our External Aesthetics program can address hair loss, cellulite, stretch marks, as well as offer slimming and contouring services for a smooth and sleek silhouette.

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For those who wish to achieve quicker results, cosmetic surgery may be the answer.

This involves low-risk surgical techniques to enhance the physical appearance of the body or face, restore a youthful appearance or achieve a new level of beauty.

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