Latest technology from Korea for skin and scar rejuvenation with minimal discomfort

INNOjector’s proprietary needle-free technology can deliver saline, vitamins, or hyaluronic acid deep into the skin, to disperses damaged molecules and stimulate collagen activating cells.

Typically, 4-6 treatments are all that is needed to significantly improve the appearance of scars, forehead wrinkles, and neckline.

Used for:

  • Scar reduction
    – Acne scars
    – Chicken pox scars
    – Caesarean scars
    – Surgical scars
    – Cut scars
  • Softer forehead wrinkles and necklines
  • Collagen stimulation
  • Gentle lifting effect

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Before and After Treatment

” I went to Doctor was to help minimize the lines on my neck.  Ever since I was young I’ve always had a lot of neck lines.  The Innojector machine was used and this is a fairly new technology from Korea where it shoots high pressurized water solution into the skin.  My explanation of this machine is very basic.  Anyways, they put numbing cream to minimize the discomfort and the pain wasn’t too bad.   Afterwards, my neck looked like it was attacked by mosquitos leaving rows of small bumps.  They place a second skin bandage that I had to leave on for 1 or 2 days or longer depending on how the bandage keeps.  I don’t like to have things covered too long and I only left mine on for 1 day.  After removing the bandage, my neck didn’t look too bad.  With my skin tone and  hyperpigment no matter what.  So this did leave very slight pink marks which was easily covered up by sunscreen and makeup. I’ve done a second treatment and currently in the healing process, but noticing an improvement on my lines.  This time they also provided hydroquinone to help with the hyperpigmentation.

 The treatments and help from Life Clinic has helped transform my face beyond my expectations. Doctor is extremely talented and such an expert and I completely trust him with my skin.  I really never believed that my skin would look youthful and wrinkle free at the age of 38.  There are not enough words to express my thanks to them.”    

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