Pigment Laser (Nd YAG)

Unwanted pigmentation on the hands and face are a common sign of aging. Using a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, they can be safely and painlessly removed, or at least significantly reduced.

With deep pigments, like melasma, the highly controlled laser energy bypasses superficial layers so it is absorbed specifically by the pigment. The pigment then shatters and the pieces are removed by the skin’s own macrophages (white cells). 5-10 treatments are needed for best results.

With superficial pigments, like age spots, the result is even more dramatic. The laser denatures the protein in the pigment turning it in to a small crust, which falls off after a week, removing the pigment with it. Usually 1-2 treatments is all that is required to clear these types of pigments.

Whiter, clearer complexion is now easily possible with very little side-effects or time off work needed.

Used for: Pigment / Pore Reduction

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