Thread Lift

Whereas fillers can help restored lost volume, threads are unique in that they are able to lift loose skin without surgery. They are ideal for people who have lost firmness in the face and neck, and have mild sagging in the cheek, jaw-line or neck.

The thread is introduced via a fine needle under the skin (virtually painless with local anaesthetic) and similar to Sculptra®, gradually dissolves stimulating the body’s own collagen to tighten in the direction of lift desired. After a course of 3 monthly treatments, appearance can look years younger, and typically lasts 2 years. We often advise an annual top-up to maintain the results.

Thread Lift can be used alone or in combination with Sculptra® so as to both “fill” and “lift” the skin to create the best result for the mature skin. Visibly takes years off the mature skin.

Used for: Facial Contouring

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