Venus Viva


The New Gold Standard in Facial Aesthetic and Rejuvenation

Venus Viva is a revolutionary all-in-one aesthetic machine. It is used for removing acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines on the face, as well as skin tightening and texture improvement. It produces exceptional long-term results without using any needles or surgery.

Venus Viva treatments involve minimal pain, and are quick and safe for all skin types. Professionally trained operators will administer the patented Venus Viva Hand Piece, incorporated with Venus Concept state-of-art technology of SmartScan for NanoFractional RF, over the patient’s face and neck for a short period of time. After treatments, patients enjoy the immediate and long-term benefits with fewer facial wrinkles and fine lines; reduced pores and acne scars; and visibly more youthful and tighter skin tone.

Benefits of Venus Viva

  • Removes winkles and fine lines on the face
  • Immediate long-term results
  • Maximum coverage
  • Non-invasive and safe for all skin types
  • Flexible treatment size
  • Fast and less complex treatments
  • Minimal down time and minimal discomfort

Used for: Wrinkle Reduction, Pigment Reduction, Acne Scar, Pore Reduction and Skin Firming

Before and After Treatment

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What people are saying

“One word to sum up my experience with Life Clinic and Doctor is phenomenal.  There are not enough words to express my gratitude for all their support and expertise in helping to transform my skin and for giving me an even more youthful look and glow.  Highly recommend them!

I’m an expat and of Asian background and have been a patient of theirs for 3 years.  When I turned 35 years old, I started to notice the signs of aging. Having a perfectionist nature, these signs started to really nag at me.  The biggest issue that led me to Life Clinic was a loss of volume in my upper eyelid which made me look older.   A bigger push for trying to improve my upper eyelids was so that I looked my best for my wedding which was in a few months.  I’ve never done any treatments and was scared to start this journey, but I figured it was only a consultation.

From the beginning Doctor made me feel so comfortable which really helped to ease my fears.  I thought with my limited knowledge, the only way to improve my upper eyelids were fillers which really scared me and that I didn’t want to go through.  But he provided a solution that addressed the upper eyelid and my entire face.  He is a perfectionist and took a lot of time to review my facial features, structure and skin.  Never did I also feel like that he was trying to throw very expensive or excessive treatments like I’ve heard other doctors sometimes do. Based on his recommendation, I proceeded with the Venus Viva and bought a package which came with 5 or 6 sessions for my face.

Venus Viva is a fractional radiofrequency device and it basically burns tiny microscopic holes into your skin.  The tiny wounds help the skin to produce new collagen.  They put numbing cream on your skin to help minimize the pain/discomfort.  I have a high pain tolerance though and can endure quite a bit and plus I was really motivated to improve my skin.  Hard to describe the sensation, but it’s like a bunch of elastic bands snapping on your skin.   Afterwards, my face looked pink and didn’t look so bad, but as the hours started to pass by it started to turn even more red and swollen.  I did this on a Saturday so that I could stay indoors on the weekend.  They provide a thick soothing cream to help with the redness and dryness that can come with the treatment.  The next day, I Iooked like I had a bad sunburn and my face was really dry.   But as each day passed the healing was quite dramatic.  One thing that did freak me out, was that I had these tiny white bumps and was scared that I would start to break out.  Years ago, I experienced horrible cystic acne and frightened of having another episode.  Luckily these little white bumps literally washed away at night.  Each treatment my healing was different, for example one time there was just excessive swelling and another time my face looked like it was slightly bumpy. It took about a week for my skin to fully heal.

 To conclude my experience with Venus Viva is that it provided amazing visible results that even my husband noticed and he rarely picks up on these things. It helped to address my upper eyelid, remove the fine lines and even better minimized the acne scars and a childhood scar.Plus it gave my skin a really amazing glow and minimized my pores that I didn’t experience the constant breakouts.The healing process may not be so great, but in order to achieve results you may have to go through some unpleasant recovery/symptoms.I loved the results from Venus Viva so much that I did another package and included my neck.Even now, I still see the effects of the Venus Viva.” – Age 39, female, expat with Asian background

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